Vaput, women's choir in Jyväskylä, Finland

Female choir Vaput - over 100 years of singing in Finnish

Vaput is an active amateur choral group singing a wide range repertoire from sacred music and folk music to contemporary songs. Vaput is based in the City of Jyväskylä in Central Finland. It is the oldest Finnish speaking - and singing - women's choir. Nowadays, however, the choir sings in other languages, too.

The choir is comprised of over 40 singers from different work, life and age groups.

The director Mrs Ulla Kotamäki is a professional music educator. The choir works as part of an adult education institute, Jyvälän kansalaisopisto. At the same time the choir is an independent registered association.

The choir has performed in several countries. The latest performance abroad was in Italy in 2011. This year Vaput takes part in the festival and competition Canta al mar in Spain.

A CD, Sydämellä, Vaput, was published in 2012. The CD contains songs especially composed/written/arranged for Vaput.

Tuulantei Ensemble

Within the choir there are smaller performing groups. The oldest of them Lauluyhtye Tuulantei. The choir and/or its smaller groups can be ordered to perform, see contact information of Ms Hilkka Heikkilä below.


aput organises several concerts each year alone or in cooperation with others.

Every First of May Vaput organizes a coffee concert. The name "Vaput" refers to the First of May (Vappu in Finnish). Through the history of Vaput, the choir has always performed during the First of May. Since 1955, that performance has been a coffee concert, a non-formal occasion of home baked cakes and plenty of singing.

The choir and/or its smaller groups can be ordered to perform, see contact information below.

National activities

Vaput is an active member of Sulasol, The Finnish Amateur Musicians' Association. Vaput is also one of the founding members of Suomen Naiskuoroliitto, The Finnish Association of Women's Choirs.


If you know enough language to sing with us in Finnish - and if you can sing! - you are welcome to join Vaput.

Membership fee for Spring 2018 of the Vaput Association costs €32 per semester (€64/year, students and unemployed -50%). The course fee of the Jyvälä Adult Education Institute is €60 per semester.

Contact information

Please don't hesitate to contact Vaput! Send a message to the vice conductor of Vaput, Ms Hilkka Heikkilä, heikkilahilkka()

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